BÖCKER is a producer of starter cultures and sourdough products since 1910. The company is a medium-size family-owned enterprise with an annual turnover of 11,200,000 € in 2008. The starter "BÖCKER Reinzucht-Sauerteig" was established as a worldwide standard for sourdough-fermentation many years ago. BÖCKER’s R & D department compiles, produces, examines and releases products and recipes according to the requirements of the customers. Dr. Markus Brandt and his department are in permanent contact with national and international laboratories and are constantly participating in research projects, as demonstrated by the publications reported below. BÖCKER is the partner for artisan bakers, industrial bakeries and bakery suppliers to develop and produce (i) natural sourdoughs and pre-ferments as powder, liquid, pasty or dried (spray-dried and drum-dried) products for direct processing; (ii) sourdoughs starter cultures (cereal based, frozen, spray-dried) and (iii) naturally fermented flavour concentrates made of extraordinary raw materials. 2003 BÖCKER started its gluten-free production, first with starter cultures and one year later with dried sourdoughs.