This laboratory group has open access to an impressive array of equipment. In addition to the standard range of facilities needed for food research, microbiology and molecular biology, the research group possesses a rather unique arsenal of equipment on cereal processing as outlined below.

UCC has a HACCP compliant pilot-scale baking facility, where a wide variety of cereal products can be produced. Convection oven, deck oven, prover, dough sheeter, blast freezer, moulder, pie-press, microwave oven, freeze drier, MAP-packaging, vacuum packaging equipment, mixers, laboratory mills, biscuit moulder, pasta machine are part of the facility. Also a wide variety of analytical equipment such as texture analyser, image analysis, rheofermentometer, rheological equipment, HPLC etc. are available to the group. A fully equipped experimental kitchen is part of the facility. Laser microscopy and electron microscopy facility and sensory evaluation unit as well as a range of equipment to carry out detailed protein analysis are present (Capillary electrophoresis, SDS gels, 2D gel-electrophoresis). UCC will be extensively involved in this project with respect to meeting the technological requirements of consumers as well as the SMEs. They will use their range of rheological, optical and pilot scale facilities to characterise and optimise conditions for the addition of the novel functional ingredients to both pasta and bread. UCC will also be extensively involved in the isolation and identification of novel Lactic acid bacteria and apply them to improve the structure as well as the mould free shelf life of gluten free bread, increasing the cost effectiveness and consumer acceptability of these products. UCC will also be involved in the development of prototype products for consumer acceptability trials. The Lab group of Professor Arendt will also be directly involved in the upscaling and application of these products to an industrial scale and all trouble shooting involved. UCC will also use all information generated during the key steps of this project to create predictive models for ingredient activity as well as optimisation of processing parameters to achieve products with optimal consumer acceptance.