GlutenFree - Tasty and healthy gluten-free bakery products and pasta -
improved products for wide consumer acceptance

Scientific and technological objectives

The overall objective of this research project is to enable SMEs to produce gluten-free bakery products and pasta having high consumer acceptance in order to participate in this profitable market sector and ultimately to significantly improve their competitiveness. This aim will be achieved by utilising optimised raw materials, and ingredients derived from these, which are able to effectively replace gluten and gluten-containing ingredients and by adapting the relevant food production processes. The fundamental evaluation of consumer preferences, acceptance and needs will allow target-orientated food developments and the promise of well-accepted products for end users.
To reach this objective, the project is divided into the following parts:
1) Development of functional protein products having specific viscoelastic properties
2) Identification of new promising ingredients for the development of high quality gluten-free bakery products and pasta
3) Improvement of the fermentation efficiency of sourdoughs
4) Improvement of the texture and quality of gluten-free baked goods and pasta
5) Improvement of the aroma profile of the new products
6) Assessment of consumer acceptance